Who are we?

Swansea City Roller Derby (formerly known as Swansea City Slayers) are Swansea's first flat track roller derby team!

We are an amateur sports team that has been driving the derby revolution in South Wales since May 2010. Roller derby is a highly competitive sport that is played by female, male or co-ed teams and is the fastest growing sport in the UK!

SCRD consists of two all female teams:- The  SCRD Slayers (A team) and SCRD Dragons (B team).   We also have a junior team.

We also have more A team and B team games lined up for the coming season.
If you would like to check out the sport, why not attend one of our open bouts? Visit our fixtures page to find out when our next open bout is.


So what is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby has a 75 year history as a sport, originating in the USA. It has recently been revived internationally by women who have returned the sport to its original athletic roots.

Roller Derby is a contact sport played on quad roller skates where teams skate round on an elliptical track. A team consists of two main types of players: jammers and blockers. It is the jammer's responsibility to score the points for her team by lapping the opposing team members. A blocker's goal is to prevent the opposing team's jammer from scoring points and aid their own jammer to score points. The team with the most points wins!


Join now!

We are always recruiting players and hold regular beginner intakes.. Women and Men welcome. We are also looking for Ref's and NSO's.  See our get involved page for more information.




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